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Inauguration of the MAT CAT Bridge

Sep 17, 2020

On the morning of September 17, in Cai Rang District, Can Tho City, the inauguration ceremony took place to put the Mat Cat bridge into use. The ceremony was attended by the President Mr. Yun Hoon, representatives of leaders of Cai Rang district, and sponsors.

The bridge project is sponsored by POSCO Vietnam Group, Korea Food for Hungry International (Korea), the support of the Department of Transport of Can Tho City, and the Union of Friendship Organizations City. Can Tho. After 7 months of construction, up to now, the construction of Mat Cat bridge has been completed. The bridge is 18m long, 4.5m wide, and the bridge surface is reinforced concrete with a total investment of nearly 1.5 billion VND.

Mat Cat Bridge is located at the beginning of the Xeo La canal connecting Truong Vinh Nguyen and Hau Kenh Thanh Dong streets. Therefore, when put into use, it will promote a connection between Phu Thu, Tan Phu, and Thuong Thanh wards. From there, contributing to creating favorable conditions for people to travel, trade goods, promote local socio-economic development.