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Offering The Mid-Autumn Moon Cakes To Employees

Sep 18, 2020

To join in the jubilant atmosphere to welcome the Mid-autumn season 2020, as well as to construct a safe and happy working environment for employees in the difficult situation of the business marketing, on September 18, 2020, the Board of Directors of Posco-Vietnam cooperated with the Trade Union to offer moon cakes to all employees.

Nearly 700 moon cakes were offered to employees and customers. In particular, this year's moon cake boxes have been replaced by steel boxes that decorated and designed by Posco-Vietnam. This year's cake boxes received and used by Posco family in Vietnam, have contributed to delivering the company's steel products closer to customers through beautiful moon cake boxes. This is a gift of encouragement and motivation for employees as well as deep gratitude to customers who have accompanied with Posco-Vietnam in the recent challenging time. President, Yun Hoon, has shared: “Hopefully in the future, we will continue to maintain cost-reduction activities and simultaneously try our best to improve the welfare and safety of our staff.”

Indeed, although the road in the future still remains difficult and challenges, we believe that with our efforts and unanimity, Posco-Vietnam will overcome the difficulties and grow stronger to achieve further goals in the future.

Once again, Posco-Vietnam wishes all employees and customers a peaceful and well-being Mid-autumn season with their and loved ones.