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GLOBAL GOOD CITIZEN WEEK 2022 - “The Goal of Zero Carbon”

Jul 04, 2022

     The Global Good Citizen Week campaign is one of the annual activities by POSCO’s headquarter and with the participation of many members of POSCO group. Global Good Citizen Week 2022 – action for the environment with the slogan "Zero Carbon" aims to raise awareness about the purpose and meaning of environmental protection for all of POSCO Vietnam employees, thereby building an Eco - friendly company culture, helping to increase the connecting relationship among employees.


       So what is considered a good global citizen? Global good citizen is a citizen who not only has a high sense of self-accumulation, training and self-improvement, but also always upholds their spirit of responsibilities for common social issues. To help employees have a more clearly awareness of the importance of being a good global citizen, on the morning of June 24, 2022, as the lead of President, Mr. Yoon Chang Woo ( Middle) , The Global Good Citizen Week of Year 2022 was organized successfully, with the attendance of more than 50 employees of POSCO-VIETNAM and sub-contractor companies as: POVIM, PHOMOI, POSGLOBAL. Besides many activities such as collecting waste, cleaning the environment, planting trees around the dormitory area, this year POSCO-VIETNAM also have a plan to install Posmac barrier (new product of POSCO group) to protect trees in Phu My town - a new solution to help maintain urban aesthetic.



  After this activity, POSCO-VIETNAM hopes that all employees including sub-contractor’s employees as well as local people will be aware more clearly and realistic actions in environmental protection.